Honda Riding Mower

This riding mower was made as the final assignment for the course Design Sketching. The goal was to show the learned digital drawing skills by designing a riding mower inspired by the Honda brand. The goal of the assignment was to generate one (large) image that shows the complete design proces and that presents the final design. The design proces started with making abstract forms and shapes that would be used to find new and inspiring views on how to shape the riding mower. At the same time I have been looking at the heritage of Honda in the automotive world trying to find design elements that are representative to the Honda brand. Merging these two methods resulted in a few different shapes and concepts. Next I started experimenting with making different side profiles and front and back designs and eventually picking the best ones and merging these into the final design of the Honda rinding mower.

Below you can find the design proces.

Final presentation





Steering Wheel

Chosen Idea


Early concept

Early idea